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Boan Medical: Multivitamin Softgel, Liquid Calcium Softgel, Omega 3 Softgel

Boan Welcomes You

Our highly competent and friendly after sales staff is always in search of new markets to do business and always welcome any new business that approaches us. We hope that you would like our nutrient supplements and we warm heartedly anticipate and welcome interested businesses to build strong and long lasting business relationships with Boan.

“Our high quality and competitively priced products are being successfully exported around the world and have helped to improve the lives and health of millions of people”

Boan - Extensive variety of products

We are offering a wide variety of multivitamin softgel, liquid calcium softgel, omega 3 softgel, Cod liver oil softgels and much more.
 We also allow our customers to have their own ingredients in a softgel, capsule or tablet form which can be then speedily shipped to their desired country.
This diversity in manufacturing channels has helped us in building relationships from across a wide array of health and nutrition concerned businesses, local and international authorities, individuals, and organizations.

“Increase your immunity and stay vigorous, you are just one step away from leading a good and healthy life style”

Boan - Healthy Manufacturing Environment

“Boan has always been keen in maintaining its standards up to the mark. This has earned us several national and international accreditations, certifications along with other health and trade licenses”

We understand the amount of carefulness required in manufacturing of health products therefore all of our products are manufactured and processed in highly clean and contamination-free zones.
Extreme care is practiced and most of the operations are being handled by automated machines and robots.

We are utilizing the most advanced and latest machinery for manufacturing, processing and packaging. These machines are under a constant watch by highly trained professional staff.

“We also consider and value different cultural and religious norms, therefore all of our products including multivitamin softgel, liquid calcium softgel and omega 3 softgel are also HALAL certified

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Boan - Area of Expertise

“We are proud to have acquired FDA and GMP certifications and are in line for more such certifications in the coming future”

Our health food supplements are formularized using all the natural goodness of nature. We have a whole range multivitamins which can help you attain a good health.

Our supplements encompass the most accurate quantity of ingredients, making sure that you get the right type of supplement as per your requirement.

Keeping yourself fit requires some effort and we are playing our part by giving you the best of nature and science combined together in the form of health promoting supplements

Boan - Order Now!

Boan does business in local and international markets. We make sure that our customers receive their products in a timely manner with absolute professionalism.

You can order right now or you can survey our product-line specifications and details and if you have any requirement for further details you can contact our 24/7 customer support representative right now.

Our quality is our identity and we always try to leave no margin of negotiation when it comes to service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Our technical expertise is a team of highly talented, motivated and experienced personnel who are capable enough to run their designated tasks smoothly and responsibly”